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10 Greatest Movie Directors of the 21st Century

Granted, we are only midway into the second decade of the 21st Century, and are still yet to see many great movie directors enter into Hollywood, but anyway, here's a list of movie directors that wow at every turn. Or, have at least wowed at some point or other with their work as movie directors, through their movies released in the 21st Century.

These great visionaries have gotten our attention here at Augustus Worth, just as they will have gotten yours, as the ever-adapting Hollywood meets some of the most talented movie directors working in the 21st Century.

Starting with the best director, down to least best, here are the best Hollywood movie directors working today.

1. Steven Spielberg

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): Lincoln (2012)

Biggest box office 'hit': Jurassic Park (2003) - with a worldwide gross of $983.8 million

Why Steven Spielberg? -

Steven Spielberg has become one of the most influential and popular Hollywood personalities alive and working today. Spielberg's directorial projects (movies) have changed Hollywood forever, from the movie which gave him a name in Hollywood, Jaws (1975), to films like Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Jurassic Park (1993), Lincoln (2012), and all of the inbetween. Spielberg has directed countless movie greats which generations from now will enjoy, giving him the unquestionable place at the top-spot of our list.

2. James Cameron

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): Avatar (2009)

Biggest box office 'hit': Avatar (2009) - with a worldwide gross of $2.8 billion

Why James Cameron? -

James Cameron is a director that most remember him as that guy who directed Titanic (1997), but until more recently, the line has remained the same, however, replacing Titanic with Avatar (2009). For Cameron's largely successful and beautifully directed masterpiece, Avatar, he has made his way to number two on our list for the greatest directors (in the 21st Century).

3. Peter Jackson

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

Biggest box office 'hit': The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) - with a worldwide gross of $1.1 billion

Why Peter Jackson? -

Peter Jackson, the vision behind 'middle earth' on the big screen and director of the greatest fantasy epic film series of all time, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (both set in 'middle earth' and based on the novels written by J.R.R. Tolkien). Jackson's directorial career has been on a high since 2001, when he released the first Lord of the Rings ('The Fellowship of the Ring') film, and ever since he has surprised audiences with more great movies, like King King (2005), and the Hobbit (2012-2013-2014) films.

4. Joel & Ethan Coen (aka The Coen Brothers)

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): No Country for Old Men (2007)

Biggest box office 'hit': True Grit (2010) - with a worldwide gross of $252.3 million

Why Joel & Ethan Coen? -

The Coen Brothers, Joel and Ethan, have gone from strength to strength with the quality of the movies that they are directing, being proof that they have some serious talent in the profession. Although the pair have not always seen strong commercial success and are still to hit a shockingly high number at the box office, they always direct great movies that become instant classics.

5. Martin Scorsese

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): The Departed (2006)

Biggest box office 'hit': The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - with a worldwide gross of $392 million

Why Martin Scorsese? -

Martin Scorsese is responsible for the direction of some of Hollywood's greatest movies of the 21st Century, including the likes of Gangs of New York (2002), The Aviator (2004), The Departed (2006), and many more. Scorses's talent as a director is extraordinary and audiences around the world are now recognising his talent, as in 2013 he directed The Wolf of Wall Street which has gone on to become his biggest commercial success, proving that Scorsese is bankable as a box office draw.

6. Ridley Scott

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): Gladiator (2000)

Biggest box office 'hit': Gladiator (2000) - with a worldwide gross of $457.6 million

Why Ridley Scott? -

Ridley Scott is Hollywood's go-to man when it comes to action epics, and it has been that way ever since he directed the commercially and critically successful Gladiator movie in 2000. Some of Ridley's best work has also been some of the most surprising, as they were unexpectedly great, including Black Hawk Down (2001), Kingdom of Heaven (2005) and Robin Hood (2010). Ridley has had a great relationship working with one of the greatest A-list actors in Hollywood, Russell Crowe, who has starred in numerous Ridley Scott movies (as the lead man), including Gladiator (2000), A Good Year (2006), American Gangster (2007), Body of Lies (2008), and Robin Hood (2010). All of Ridley's movies are superbly put together, making it a shame that his work is not being seen as much as we'd like, as he hasn't managed to commercially overtake Gladiator's worldwide gross with any of his other projects, bearing in mind that Gladiator was released more than 14 years ago.

7. Christopher Nolan

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): The Dark Knight (2008)

Biggest box office 'hit': The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - with a worldwide gross of $1.08 billion

Why Christopher Nolan? -

Christopher Nolan hasn't directed as many movies as the previously spoken about directors on this list but he has certainly got our (and yours, most likely) attention, after the ultimate success of The Dark Knight (Batman) trilogy. However, Nolan's initial Hollywood success was hit-off after he directed the stunningly laid out Memento (2000) movie, which is one of the greatest movies ever made. Nolan keeps on surprises us, and we never know where he is going to take his work next, but one thing is for sure, and that is that each and every movie that Nolan directs is going to have the wow factor.

8. Tim Burton

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): Big Fish (2003)

Biggest box office 'hit': Alice in Wonderland (2010) - with a worldwide gross of $1.03 billion

Why Tim Burton? -

Tim Burton is the king of dark family movies, a reputation that is certainly sticking, as more and more of his directorial pieces give us a darker insight into Burton's imagination. Not that anyone's complaining, as Burton always nails his movies, offering audiences an entirely new and entertaining experience when they enter the cinema theatres to see his movies. Burton may not have made it onto another websites top-10 list of the greatest directors (of the 21st Century), but that (in our opinion) is a mistake, as Burton is a rare and unique character in Hollywood that never disappoints.

9. M. Night Shyamalan

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): Signs (2002)

Biggest box office 'hit': The Sixth Sense (1999) - with a worldwide gross of $672.8 million

Why M. Night Shyamalan? -

M. Night Shyamalan has garnered a bad reputation in recent years for a few box office disasters, which have set him back, but we know that Shyamalan will be back, and we hope it'll be in a big way. Some may be wondering why we have added Shyamalan to our list, but we believe that Shyamalan has a unique skill when it comes to directing movies and we believe that he truly is one of Hollywood greatest directors.

10. Wes Anderson

Greatest movie (released in 21st Century): The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Biggest box office 'hit': The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - with a worldwide gross of $174.6 million

Why Wes Anderson? -

Wes Anderson has been in a slump at the box office for some time, causing his status as a director in Hollywood to remain practically unknown. Until now. As in 2014, Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel brought in $174.6 million at the worldwide box office on an estimated $27 million budget, being Anderson's first movie to take in more than $100 million at the box office. However, that being said, Anderson's movies are always well received by critics and audiences alike, making it a surprise that his movies are not bigger hits at the box office. Anderson is another unique and wonderful director, which is why he has been added to our list.

However, if this was to be a top-20 greatest movie directors of the 21st Century, then these would be the following ten that we'd include.

11. David Fincher

Why? - Directs stunning movies every time that always have an edge of suspense. We love suspense.

12. Quentin Tarantino

Why? - Knows how to add violence into movies, without ruining the story. We love a good story, which is the point of making movies. Isn't it?

13. Ron Howard

Why? - Always offering movies for audiences which deliver greatness. And we love greatness... and 'The Grinch'.

14. Gore Verbinski

Why? - Delivers entertainment, which the whole family can enjoy. In saying this, we are of course referring to The Pirates of the Caribbean movies (1,2 and 3), which are without a doubt some of the greatest movies ever made. We forgive Verbinski for The Lone Ranger, which is what most might now add, but we enjoyed watching it, so for us Verbinski can do no wrong / has done no wrong.

15. Roland Emmerich

Why? - Directs 'epic' movies, all of which we love (yes, even Godzilla, 1998). For the record, we at Augustus Worth love 'epic' movies. But then again, who doesn't?

16. Guy Ritchie

Why? - Beautifully captures elements of comedy in action movies. Plus, we love Snatch. (2000) and Sherlock Holmes (2009).

17. Michael Mann

Why? - A Michael Mann movie- always a great movie. We only wish Mann would direct more movies, more often.

18. Wachowski Brothers

Why? - Unique directors, through-and-through. Plus, we loved The Matrix trilogy.

19. Michael Bay

Why? - The king of action (and explosions). Plus, among the great 'Transformers' debate, we love the Transformers movies.

20. George Lucas

Why? - Influential Hollywood director, producer and personality. Plus, his work directing the selected Star Wars movies which he directed were exceptionally good.

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