Wednesday, 31 December 2014

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Here at Augustus Worth, we share the net worth facts for Hollywood celebrities, as well as offering lists for top movies; covering all genres- including the latest releases in cinema theatres and the classics, and top Hollywood celebrities lists.

Wondering how much that Hollywood actor's worth is that you saw in that blockbuster movie last night? Or, who the top paid actors were in the past year?...
Well, we'll tell you.

Augustus Worth also has an active movie blog, which is added to weekly, however, the blog will soon be added to more frequently. The movie blog offers unique, thought-provocative material about up-to-date film news- from the latest movies we're all anticipating, to the lesser known, but still no less exciting upcoming movie releases, and expect to see plenty of news about Netflix, as at Augustus Worth we are huge fans of the service.

Can't find a Hollywood celebrity you like? Then please email us at or drop us a comment in the comment box below, to tell us the name of the celebrity, so that we can put them at the top of our list of celebrities to add to the website.

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